The Wayuus are an indigenous ethic group, descendants of the Caribs and Arawaks, living in the Guajira Peninsula located in the northernmost part of Colombia and northwest of Venezuela. They are largely known for their strong weaving tradition. Their extraordinary creations combine legends, myths, stories, traditions, culture, and customs passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

They live in communities called rancherias made up of branches, corrals and mud houses where 20 to 60 families belonging to the same matrilineal clan live. The clans are identified with a kanash that symbolizes the last name and the animal that represents them. Each rancheria is named after a plant, animal or geographic place.

The woman is the pillar of the Wayuu culture and the center of the family and the community. Wayúu children bear their mother’s last name. Weaving and crocheting have the utmost cultural relevance for the people of the tribe, and the rites of passage for women include becoming a master weaver. Women through their weavings are main supporters of their families.


Every Mochila bag is hand mady by a Wayuu woman and takes between 15 and 25 days to be ready. Usually is the only income source for a wayuu family.

Wayuu women weave numerous patterns in a variety of techniques, forms and colors. Weaving is the Wayuu way to tell their story and describe their dreams. It is also the hand-woven reflection of their daily lives. The men participate in the industry as well; they make the straps, provide the materials, and transport the goods to the city centers. This artisan weaving industry plays a vital role in the local economy, specifically, the mochila.

AbOriginal wishes to promote and support these great artisans while treating their creations with much respect for their history and their culture. Each mochila bag they create is a unique piece of art that represents the worldview of the weaver. It is also very important to remember that the Wayuu artisan industry feeds many families!

Wayuu artisans are a gift to the world!!!