A friendship and a mission

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia Patty and Sandra became inseparable childhood friends. Although Patty had to move to the US during a time of unrest over 25 years ago, this special bond was not broken by time or distance.


Patty moved to the US with her mother in pursuit of a better life and to fulfill her dreams. She worked hard and graduated with honors with a degree in Marketing. During her more than 20 years of experience, she worked for reputable companies doing marketing, advertising and public relations internationally. She also founded her own marketing and advertising company. As a person of faith, an entrepreneur, and a woman of great passion, Patty loves to train and mentor small businesses as well as to empower other women to pursue their dreams!


Sandra was blessed to have been able to stay in her native Colombia, graduated with a career in social communications, and became the managing director for Cinecolor which represented Disney in Colombia. She has also worked at other well-known and established companies in Colombia handling their marketing nationally and internationally. She is not only a seasoned professional and perceptive entrepreneur, but she is also the proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters who keep her focused, energetic and inspired.


Sharing the common dreams of making a difference in key communities and showcasing the incredible talent of Colombian artisans, Patty and Sandra founded AbOriginal, a company that sells and distributes authentic mochila bags that are carefully handmade by women in the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. Each piece is a beautiful, unique and irreplaceable piece of art!