What is AbOriginal Wearable Art?

The word “ Aboriginal” comes from the word “aborigen” in Spanish, which refers to people in “indigenous communities”. They are the various tribes that live in their natural environment settled before the conquest and have preserved their traditions throughout history. Additionally, our founders liked the play on words. Within the word aboriginal, there is also the word “original”, which represents the authenticity with which each mochila bag is carefully crafted.

In short, “AbOriginal Wearable Art” identifies the origin of our mochila bags as they come from the Wayuu tribe located in La Guajira, Colombia. Because each mochila bag is carefully hand made by a different Wayuu woman, and each takes between 15 to 25 days to make one bag, there are no 2 mochilas that are identical. Each beautiful Wayuu mochila bag is a piece of unique, authentic, and irreplaceable art. Each mochila tells a story!

Perfection in imperfection! If you find any blemishes in the fabric, patterns, or knotting is just proof of the unique craftsmanship that makes your mochila exclusive.

Every Mochila bag is carefully hand made by a Wayuu woman, and it takes between 15 and 25 days to be done.


Each mochila tells a story created by the master weaver!